Ascension Agro Drip Irrigation Gard...


The Manual Provided Along With The Kit Includes a Step By Step Graphical Guidance For Installation.Package Contains: Main Supply Pipe 16mm 30meters,Feeder Pipe 4mm 60meters,125 Drip Emitters,125 Feeder to main supply connectors,125 Emitter Stakes,20 Dummies,15 Elbow Connectors,15 T Connectors,15 Straight Connectors with tap,15 Straight Connectors,1 Universal tap adapter,15 Ends caps,1 “S” hole puncher and 1 Teflon Tape with 1 Water Filter, 1 Automatic Water Timer

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Ascension Agro Drip Irrigation Garden Watering Plants Drip Kits

Automatic Water Timer: All waterproof without cover, good customer review. Battery operated (LR03 2XAAA 1.5V Alkaline battery).

Ascension Screen filter is very useful device to prevent passage of sand, debris & such particles to sanitary fixtures.; Cartridge made from non-corrosive stainless steel.

  • The Manual Provided Along With The Kit Includes A Step By Step Graphical Guidance For Installation.
  • Material: Plastic. Colour: Random Colour..ISI Certified….



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