A water gun (or water pistol, water blaster, or squirt gun) is a type of toy gun designed to shoot jets of water. Similar to water balloons, the primary purpose of the toy is to soak another person in a recreational game such as water fight.A pichkari is a handheld toy or recreational device used to shoot or spray water. It is typically made of plastic and is designed to be filled with water through a small opening or reservoir. The water is pressurized by a pump or trigger mechanism, and then expelled through a nozzle or spray mechanism when the trigger is pulled or button is pressed. Water guns can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small pistols to large, elaborate models with multiple nozzles and features such as water tanks, backpacks, and pumps. They are often used for outdoor water play, water fights, or as a cooling device on hot days.
Get this Fun design for your little one and add colour to your Holi celebrations. Features: Hard plastic body Non-toxic and child safe. Make this colorful festival more cheerful by gifting this cute unique Water Gun Pichkari to your dear ones.Pump the handle on the front to make pressure and press the trigger to release water. This colorful pichkari with storage tank will surely delight any kid. So, make your dear ones drench holi water on others by gifting this cute Pichkari.

  • Great throw capacity.Easy to operate.Color may vary.
  • Ideal For Both Boys And Girls.Throw capacity is of the Gun is more than 6-7 meters approx.
  • MATERIAL. It is entirely made up of plastic, thereby it is light-weighted and easy to handle.
  • Have unlimited fun with this Holi Water Gun with tank. Made of Non-toxic Plastic.

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