A balloons or water bomb is a balloon, often made of latex rubber, filled with water. Waterballoons are used in a summer pastime of cooling off through balloon fights.

Magic Balloon Maker – Get armed up for a water balloon fight FAST with this Magic WaterBalloon Maker. In about 60 seconds, you’re ready to go with 100 balloons. That’s a whole bunch of balloon! Why struggle and waste precious party time filling and tying one waterballoon after the other? Just insert a water hose into the Magic Water Balloon Maker and fill & tie the balloons with the speed of a race car pit stop crew! A water balloon fight is great outdoor water sports fun for kids and (grand)parents! Just fill the balloons with water and throw them. Alternative use 1: Don’t want to throw things at each other? You can also use the waterballoons for a long distance throwing competition or a water balloon relay race. Or draw an archery-style target on your driveway with chalk and aim for the bullseye. Alternative use 2: Hang some waterballoons on a wire with clothespins. Use something safe – like a pea shooter – to aim and fire at the water balloons to make them burst. Or whack the waterballoons, piñata style. Contents: – 3x Magic Water Balloon Maker with Water balloons attached balloons are a popular summer toy that can provide hours of fun for people of all ages. These small, colorful balloons are typically filled with water and used for outdoor games and activities, such as waterballoons fights and relays. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be purchased pre-filled or filled manually using a water source such as a hose or faucet. With their ability to provide a refreshing burst of water on a hot day,  balloon are a beloved staple of summer fun.

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